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Joyful Welcome to Department of Science & Humanities

The department of Science and Humanities has well experience highly qualified staff members. The sole purpose of the S&H department is to create awareness about the recent developments, applications and the future scopes. Resource persons in guiding and motivating young students particularly from science and engineering stream. Knowledge content is fast expanding further by contribution from basic sciences and offshoot disciplines.

The department targets at prominence in some of the latest trends and to establish consciousness and exposure in multi-disciplinary engineering domain and to induct them to succeed with their technical skills and aptitudes.

Our Missions are:

  • To mould the students to meet the crucial requirements in facing the society.
  • To provide intellectual and career oriented professional education.
  • To hone the students in the technical and organizational skills.
  • To examine the special challenges in sustainable development.


+ 04630- 273933

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